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FIX MY COMPUTER? Free computer help and advice for Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows Vista. Hard drive crashes, system recovery, account lockout and password recovery. Spyware protection and removal, open source office software, drivers, virus protection/removal, CYBER SECURITY, NESSUS AND MUCH MORE....

I have been in the I.T. industry for over 20 years and have always prided myself in the ability to find obscure, free programs to assist with those difficult computer issues. It was while troubleshooting a hopelessly destroyed hard drive that I finally decided to create a website to share my knowledge of resources. You will find various freeware, tips and tricks here that is a collection from various sources. I hope to make this a one stop shop for tools and advice to assist people with their computer issues. I recently had to remove some broken links. If you find any that are not working please let me know. I plan to put many more links, pictures, downloads and forum topics here since we actually have members now.

Welcome to my new members!

Please note: This is a completely free site. I do not and will never ask for donations. While all downloads are free, there are some sites that ask for donations. These donations go directly to the vendor and are strongly encouraged! Contributing small donations helps to defray cost and keeps shareware going on the internet. I also do not guarantee any of the programs here, but I have used them myself with pretty good success.

I welcome members to join and share their knowledge!

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