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Linux/Puppet Master Commands

Posted by RICHARD BEI on February 22, 2017 at 2:35 PM

Here is a list of helpfull Puppet commnds: run at root (sudo -i) or do sudo before each command (there is one space between commands and switches but its hard to see)

Killall puppet (Kills all puppet services)

pupet cert generate hosts cr -all    (generates ssl certificates for specific hosts in the node)

puppet master --verbose --no-daeomonize  (--verbose switch will give on screen display of the process and --no-daemonize will run the command but not as a background process. Great for troubleshooting Puppet)

puppet cert generate hosts cr -all  (generate all ssl certificates for all hosts in the node)

puppet cert sign -all  (sign all ssl certificates for any hosts in the node. Note, blindly approving all certs is not suggested if you are concerned with security)

puppet agent --server masterport 8140 -verbose (sets the puppet agent to use masterport 8140 to connect to the puppet master. This is default)

puppet ca list  (Lists all pending Certificate Authority requests within the node)

sudo /etc/init.d/puppet restart  (restart the puppet agent even if your not in that pwd)

puppet agent --test --debug --verbose  (test the puppet agent in --debug  --verbose mode. Great for troubleshooting)

netstat -an  (show all ports and the status)

puppet agent --no daemonize --onetime --verbose (self explanatory)


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